Update Your Kitchen for Under $100


If your kitchen could stand for some enhancements, but a full-scale remodel (and its hefty price tag) has you hoping the ‘80s will make a décor comeback, we have some ideas for you.

These five easy-but-impactful tweaks will give your galley an updated feel. No drills (or banks loans) required.

Swap out the knobs.

Are your knobs bringing you down? Very possibly.

Outdated or underwhelming drawer and cabinet knobs often present one of the biggest opportunities for kitchen improvement.

And luckily, it’s an easy fix!

To make a bold statement, look to bright colors, offbeat materials and the animal kingdom for inspiration.

Display like you mean it.

Kitchen clutter is just another term for décor that hasn’t reached its full potential. Really!

Replace brand-laden packaging with classic jars or canisters and arrange with an eye toward balance: store different food types among uniform containers.

Experiment with labeling, if you like, or keep it simple. Either way, this will add major polish on the cheap.

Deck the walls.

Kitchens are mostly about function, but they deserve a little fashion, too!

Hang a small shelf to artfully display cookbooks and quirky knickknacks like vintage scales or Japanese chef figurines.

Have fun with it!

The beauty of the shelf is that it lets you inject character into your kitchen without using up valuable countertop space.

Step up your textiles.

Kitchen towels and mats present an equally simple and fun way to step up your game.

If your kitchen is a little soft spoken, let the fabric do the talking.

There are countless finds out there, including these fantastic state pride towels from Fab.com.

If your kitchen already has a good color scheme going, opt for simpler textiles that complement the space.

Add nature.

Plants are a mindful decorator’s silver bullet.

Not only do they help clean your home’s air, they also add warmth to a room and don’t cost much.

Given your kitchen’s fluctuations in temperature, it’s best to display plants in a windowsill where they can thrive.

Go with a planter’s box or hanging baskets.

Tip:A few species that make good kitchen companions are: Aluminum Plant, Carex, Comb Flower and Desert Privet.


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