The Coolest Way to Repair Carpet Furniture Dents

icecarpetWhen furniture has been in the same spot for 10+ years dents are deep and despite rubbing and vacuuming the spot over and over it seemed nearly impossible to fix. Does this sound familiar to you?

Does the thought of ugly dents in your carpet from furniture that hasn’t been moved in years deter you from rearranging your furniture? Believe it or not there is a super simple way to fix areas of crushed carpet and the solution can be found right in your freezer!

iceThe answer my friends…is ICE! Yes, to treat and repair crushed carpet fibers all you need are a few frozen cubes of water.

The size of the dent will determine how many cubes you need. Place cubes right on top of the divot about 2 inches apart. Let the carpet soak up the melted water. Once the carpet completely dries you can vacuum the area. If there are still pieces of carpet that have not popped back up you can use your fingers or a table fork to gently fluff those pieces.

This trick is great for home sellers who are looking to rearrange furniture to stage their home or anyone looking to change the look of their room.

Before you go out and try this cool solution please be aware there is a caveat. When trying this you need to be EXTRA careful if there are wooden floors under the carpet. suggests the following tips:

  1. ALWAYS test this method first with one ice cube in an inconspicuous spot. Lift carpet corner to see that the water hasn’t damaged the under flooring.
  2. Be CAREFUL if you have wood floors underneath! Test first to make sure moisture does not damage the wood!
  3. DO NOT use this method on hand dyed rugs, antique carpets, delicate or valuable rugs, or on fibers not compatible with water cleaning.

And there you have it. Goodbye ugly furniture divots!

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