Say No To Boring Shower Heads

Fotor03251124351The obvious objective of taking a shower is to cleanse your body. But, if you’re like me, you know the shower is also a time to enjoy 10-15 minutes of relaxation and thought. There seemingly is nothing that can interrupt this small brake in time. That’s why, having a shower head that you love is really important.  I’ve found a few that are on my wishlist, check them out below. What would be your ideal shower head?

1. 90 Degree Chrome Eco-Performance Rain Shower Shower Head


With ultra–modern styling, the 90 Degree collection is a study in minimalism. Geometric forms, squared corners and straight lines create an urban focal point for today’s contemporary baths. (Moen)

2. WaterTile®


WaterTile bodysprays lie virtually flush to the wall and can be placed almost anywhere. This square 54-nozzle configuration delivers a relaxing spray for a soothing hydrotherapy experience. (Kohler)

3. Symbol®


Inspired by nature, this Symbol multifunction handshower brings a fluid, organic design to your bathroom. It provides four distinct sprays, including an all-encompassing wide spray, an invigorating massage spray to help ease aches and pains, a gentle aerated spray, and a water-conserving reduced-flow spray. (Kohler)

4. Moxie

Your music. Your shower. Your time. To chill out. To sing. Refresh. Energize. Escape. The Moxie shower head + wireless speaker delivers up to 7 hours of music, news and more by pairing wirelessly with your device enabled with Bluetooth® technology. (Kohler)

5. Pegasus Sunflower 4 in. Dual Showerhead


Twin 4 inch Sunflowers are made of solid brass with 360 degree swivel brass ball joints. It features a long extension arm with 2 elbows for more space reach and flexibility operation. (Home Depot)

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