The Baseline of Jazz

What do razor blades have to do with jazz? Learn more from this infographic!

The Baseline on Jazz

Why tuning a piano is impossible [video]

tuning a pianoThis speaks to my geeky music side. The beauty of perfect intonation in ensemble playing is one of my greatest thrills. Here we see the compromise due to math and physics of tuning a tempered instrument such as the piano.

Video Game or Modern Accordion?

tech thumbNo, this is not a droid. It is a musical instrument–-what kind, exactly, I’m not sure. It sounds like a cross between a barrel organ and a video game. Whatever the case, it’s pretty awesome.

How Vinyl Records Made Their Comeback


The Romantic Process of Crafting Guitars

Alex Bishop is an expert luthier, transforming wood into complex musical instruments. In this mesmerizing short film by Contra, a video production company in London, we get a snapshot of his life as an artist. “There’s something about working with your hands and working with wood that detaches you from technology,” Bishop says. “You don’t have the obstacles of everyday life in the 21st century, and that’s a liberating experience.”

Workout Music As Important As The Workout


How Music Affects Productivity

As a musician, I find that the kind of music listened to make a big difference depending on what task you are accomplishing. Take a look at this cool inforgraphic for more information on the topic.150613-how-music-affects-productivity

What is indie music?


58 Instruments that Made Rolling Stone’s Top 100 Songs of All Time