MUSIC REVIEW: Mark Masri – La Voce

MARK-MASRI-LAVOCEThis past Christmas, I had the honor to perform with an amazing talent, Mark Masri. I fell in love with his voice and discovered the phenomenal human who houses it.

LA VOCE (the voice), is a collection of passionate and heartfelt songs, and it is clear that this vocal sensation, Mark Masri, has been blessed with a spectacular voice. His virtuosic instrument soars effortlessly through Italian classics such as “Caruso”, “Boungiorno Principessa” and “La Prima Volta”. All that you’ll need is Candles and you have the perfect romantic setting.

His soulful interpretations of such ballads as “Truly” and “Fix You”, which glide over romantic orchestral treatments, create a new benchmark in elegance and sincerity. But beyond the voice of the singer, LA VOCE is also the voice of a gifted writer. Masri’s own compositions are finely crafted, personal works. “Time”, a stunning duet with acclaimed singer, Nita Whitaker, is a moving exploration of the fragility of life and the power of love. “I Owe You” is a simple letter of gratitude that could serve as an artful tribute to any mentor in one’s life. “A Song Can Save your Life” is a compassionate message of hope.

Another original, “A mother’s Love” is an Amy Sky composition. In 2009, this beautiful collaboration with one of my favorite pianists, Jim Brickman, was the soundtrack to a best-selling American Greetings Mother’s Day E-card. The song was also featured in a national Mother’s Day campaign in 2010.

To round out this collection of international, orchestral pop, Masri sings in French “Je T’Attendrai” is a reworking of his hit song “The Face”, Spanish “Frigilidad”, a collaboration with Latin superstar, Jon Secada, and Mediterranean guitarist, Pavlo (Sting’s “Fragile), Hebrew and Arabic “Erev Shel Shoshanim”, a duet with Masri’s co-producer, Amy Sky.

Supremely listenable, this timeless recording will appeal to fans of all ages. LA VOCE is a disc for music lovers who seek gorgeous melodies and meaningful words, delivered by a breathtaking voice.

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