Mountain Home’s Infinity Pool is a Nature Lover’s Paradise




This home in Stockholm, designed and built by DAPstockholm, is a study in the enjoyment of nature from a man-made structure. Called the Villa Midgard, the lovely three-story house has been set into the surrounding inclining landscape.



The stand-out feature is an infinity pool reminiscent of a serene forest lake. Clad in dark concrete and sheltered by the stable mass of the home itself, the pool offers residents a quiet, protected place to be at one with the water.

A huge window in one side of the pool offers swimmers a view of the home’s entrance when they are underwater. From here, they can greet visitors or put on a dazzling underwater show.

The rest of the home’s features are equally stunning and equally in tune with nature. The owners specified that their new home must have a master bedroom that bathes in morning light and a space from which they can sit and listen to the pouring rain, as well as an easy-care exterior.

To comply with these requests, the architects created a concrete home clad in Corten steel. Other natural materials such as beech, walnut and marble are used throughout the home. The bulk of the home is split into two offset segments, maximizing the access to natural light and emphasizing the idea that the home is part of the natural landscape.

A carport has been blasted into the slope of the mountain on which the home sits. Its top is covered in vegetation, making it almost disappear into the land. The home’s tallest elevation and rooftop terrace also feature local grass, again visually reinforcing the home’s unity with its surroundings.

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