Lake House is a Sun Worshipper’s Dream Retreat

Most homes are built with a mind to how natural light will affect the interior and the residents living there, but none are more mindful of changing natural light patterns than the Sun Slice House on Lake Garda in Italy.

Designed by Steven Holl Architects, the Sun Slice House was built for the head of an Italian lighting company owner. While the owner deals with artificial light in his professional life, this summer house revolves around the lovely natural light over the lake.

The home itself frames the light using geometric cutouts and strategic positioning of the elevations. The light touching the home evolves throughout the day and throughout the year, creating unique experiences each time the sun rises.

The majority of the home is composed of simple rectangles with those unique light-inviting cutouts, but the north side features glass walls with grand views of the beautiful lake.

A majestic patina has overtaken the exterior of the home which is clad in an alloy of copper, steel, chromium and nickel. The rich red color lends the structure a natural feel, letting it seem like an organic part of the landscape.

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