How to Take Your Indoor Decorating Style Outside

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 7.45.03 AMExtend the color, style and atmosphere of your rooms into your garden for a cohesive look that bridges inside and out

Any outdoor space, from a small balcony to a spacious garden, can act as an extension of your interior and a valuable extra “room.” Yet often when it comes to decorating it, we head for specialist garden retailers for our furniture and accessories. An alternative is simply to take your interior decorating style out into the elements, from your living room’s color scheme to the decorative touches that pepper your home.

This may involve simply moving pieces that normally live indoors into the garden on fine days, or it could mean sourcing items specifically for exteriors, just not necessarily from a specialist garden shop. So stay true to your decorating style by taking the inside out. These 12 inspiring exteriors show how well that approach can work.

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