National Hockey League: Historical Perspective

I know it’s summer, but real hockey fans never stop thinking about the greatest sport in the world.timeline-of-the-nhl

Seventh Heaven In The Playoffs

20 years of game 7s in the

Advanced Stats in the Post-Season


Canada’s Golden Boys


Boston And Montreal: A Playoff History

The Canadiens and the Bruins have set a North American record for the most post-season encounter. Here’s what their past looks like.habs-vs-bruins

Coach’s Corner: Who Has Coached The Most Playoff Games?


NHL & AHL Affiliations Infographic


Enduring Brands: How Have NHL Logos Evolved?

NHL Brands

NHL Fandom Map

Just in time for the postseason, Facebook has put together this map showing which of the remaining 16 NHL teams are favored in each American state and Canadian province and territory.

It’s done by a plurality of “likes” of the teams’ official Facebook pages, so it’s hardly scientific. But it is interesting!

NHL Fandom Map