NHL Fandom Map

Just in time for the postseason, Facebook has put together this map showing which of the remaining 16 NHL teams are favored in each American state and Canadian province and territory.

It’s done by a plurality of “likes” of the teams’ official Facebook pages, so it’s hardly scientific. But it is interesting!

NHL Fandom Map

My Beloved Canadiens [infographic]


The Stanley Cup

The quest for the Cup starts today. Here’s a little history on the oldest trophy in professional sports. Stanley Cup

P.K. Subban’s Value

Let’s hope management get their act together on signing P.K. to a long-term deal. Regardless of those nay-sayers, he’s a franchise player worthy of the salary.

Leafs Fan Jumping Ship to the Habs [infographic]

After this weekend, it seems apropos…

Jumping Leafs Ship

Player Values: The best bang for your puck


Which NHL teams rely on their top 3 scorers?


The Dreaded California Road Trip


2014 NHL trade deadlines compared

Which NHL trade deadline day in the last 25 years had the most moves? The fewest? How many eventual Stanley Cup champs made deals? The answers are in this week’s Hockey Night in Canada infographic.