Hidden in Plain Sight: 10 Cleverly Closeted Home Spaces

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 3.42.52 PMTuck your home office, wine collection or even your entire kitchen behind closed doors for all of the function and none of the clutter

Everybody loves a good closet, a place where you can shut a door to conceal clutter in one fell swoop. In that spirit, forward-thinking designers and homeowners have learned the advantage of tucking all kinds of living spaces — home offices, laundry facilities, media rooms and even kitchens — behind closed doors, keeping them out of sight (and mind) until needed.

This design technique requires you to use space in the best way possible (for instance, a stacked washer-dryer combo or a wine collection niche in the dining room). Here are some intriguing examples to inspire you in your own home.

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