Guitars of Legend: That Rock and Roll Sound

guitars-infographic-mainExactly where does that legendary guitar sound come from? You bought a guitar, patched it into an amp, unsheathed your plectrum and played your favorite riff note for note, yet it sounded nothing like it should.

The beautiful thing about an electric guitar is the endless ways you can tweak, modify and manipulate the sound. Whatever guitar sound you have in your head is possible through some combination of pickups, pedals and powered speakers.

This infographic was designed to put together the details of the most legendary guitars (and their sound) of all time. From Neil Young’s Old Black to Stevie Ray Vaughn’s Strat Number One the information below is as accurate as can be assuming two things:

  1. The information and sources found are legitimate.
  2. The specs detailed are to be as close to the “iconic” sound as possible. Most of these setups have been changed and modified throughout the player’s career; the goal of this is give you a blueprint for recreating the sound at home.

After reading this infographic you’ll be able to answer important questions, such as:

  • What amp does Neil Young use, and what is the “whizzer”?
  • What effects does Tom Morello use in Rage Against the Machine?
  • What type of guitar does Bruce Springsteen play?
  • What year is Eric Clapton’s black Stratocaster?

Check it out, but be warned: after reading you may spend your next paycheck on some retro Fender Tweed amps and cry-baby pedals.



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