From the Pros: How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchenn_CabsWant a major new look for your kitchen or bathroom cabinets on a DIY budget? Don’t pick up a paintbrush until you read this.

From the time I was 10 or 11 years old, I worked for me dad as an apprentice painter. I learned the “old school” methods, painting with oil-based paints and never with that blue tape stuff.

The right cabinet color can transform your kitchen or bathroom’s look. And because replacing cabinetry can be expensive, a fresh paint color could be the best bet for your budget. But before you start in on this seemingly simple DIY, keep a key point in mind. "The main issue is that with most woodwork — but specifically kitchen cabinets — is that it’s finished with a glossy product designed to be wipeable, and that same property prevents paint from sticking to it," says painter Alex Davidson.
Although it’s not as simple as painting your dining room, with the right prep, painting cabinets can be an affordable and lasting design solution. See what four painting professionals say about painting kitchen cabinets.

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