Bedroom Inspiration: Massive, Magnificent Walk-In Closets

Huge walk-in closets are one of the dream features that most of us wish we could have in our own homes. Whether you are ready to build your fantasy closet or are still firmly in the wishing phase, these incredible walk-in closets from Italian furniture manufacturer Doc Mobili are the perfect inspiration.

The custom built-in closets often require the homeowner to sacrifice a room for their clothing storage. An unused guest room is just about the right size for a gigantic walk-in closet.

But in homes that lack a neglected room that can be turned into a dream closet, a segment of the bedroom can be sectioned off instead.

The signature part of Doc Mobili’s walk-in closets is the transparent sliding glass doors. The doors serve to make the closet appear to be an extension of the room while also adding a deliciously modern flair.

Even if you don’t plan to build a magnificent closet at some point, these pictures of completed closets are eye candy for design lovers. The perfectly arranged hangers, neatly situated shoes and rich, dark wood are enough to elevate these closets to the level of fine art.

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