Bare & Bold: Open-Plan Home Flips Public & Private Spaces

Not suited for the shy (though possibly a fit for exhibitionists), this boxy Japanese dwelling turns conventional residential planning upside down from front to back.

An entry-level, front-of-house bathroom zone right inside the two-story glass facade only sets the stage for a series of similarly strange moves that make the place look as much like a public theater as a private dwelling.

Bathtub, shower, sink and mirror sit in a double-height space, wide open on all sides save for translucent white curtains – as bathrooms go, this is about as daring as it gets. Kitchen, dining and living spaces normally found up front are tucked carefully and discreetly away.

Up a set of metal spiral stairs, one encounters catwalks the wrap the wings and look down on the floor below. A lofted rooftop terrace can be found a further story up, acting as a kind of ultra-private back yard (again: the opposite of traditional expectations):

Raw concrete and bare plywood reinforce the architectural nakedness of the entire structure, created by architect cafe to suit a highly unusual pair of clients who valued openness over enclosure from foundation to finish.