Barcelona Cathedral Light Show: Gotta-See Video

The Sagrada Familia cathedral in Barcelona, Spain, is one of humanity’s most interesting constructions. It’s simultaneously hideous, beautiful and inspiring. Construction on the building began in 1882, but the following year, eccentric architect Antoni Gaudí joined the project and morphed the designs with his own ideas. The building is awe inspiring on its own and should be completed in 2026.

All that aside, what way could a building of this amazing character be made even more incredible? With a light show.

Gizmag reports: “Tens of thousands of people witnessed the three-night show over the weekend,” where, “Sixteen video projectors, 13 computers, 25 moving lights were used to bring the intricate detail of the building to life in a production that took more than a dozen of people four and a half months to prepare.” Fortunately, they also were able to film the experience so we can enjoy it too. via Gizmag

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