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Make the Most of Your Hallway [infographic]

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Home Is Where The Hearth Is: A Brief History

Home is where

Throughout human existence, homes have varied drastically in scope, size, and design. Cob houses originated in the eleventh century, are made from straw and earth, and last for hundreds of years. In fact, people still make them today. We’ve come a long way from our cave-dwelling ancestors, however:  This year, a house was printed for the first time. For around $160,000 you could print your own mansion in 2015.

Kitchen Recipes: Factory Cart Inspires a Dream Cooking Space

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 2.23.45 PMThese homeowners’ kitchen was almost nonexistent, so they whipped it up from scratch. See what they cook there and get the recipe too

Many creative types need a space: Artists have a studio, tinkerers have a workshop, actors have a stage. If you are a creator, then your surroundings are likely to be interesting. That’s why we reasoned that people who make masterpieces armed with a sharp chef’s knife (in other words, home cooks) are bound to have unique kitchens as well as tasty recipes. We asked them to share both.

One of the people who responded was Emily Danforth, an author in Providence, Rhode Island. She and her wife, Erica Edsell, bought a house in the Armory District of that city. Danforth says that over the years, original features had been removed in the 115-year-old Gothic revival home and it had fallen into severe disrepair. They set out to remodel the space, and the source of their inspiration was a large green factory cart.

How to Get an Outdoor Kitchen of Your Own

Screen Shot 2015-05-23 at 2.15.52 PMNew project for a new year: Build a cooking space for your yard or patio to make entertaining a breeze

Entertaining your family and friends always feels more relaxed and fun when you can do it outside. And if you entertain more than six people at one time and have sufficient space, an outdoor kitchen might be just the ticket.

The sound of silence: how to soundproof your house


Ask an Expert: What to Do With an Awkward Nook

Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 1.04.06 PMDiscover how to decorate and furnish rooms with oddly shaped corners and tricky roof angles

Sloping ceilings and oddly shaped nooks are the focus of this installment in a series on how to decorate rooms with difficult shapes and sizes to minimize their flaws. Not sure what to do with that low-ceilinged attic room, angular alcove or dead space under the stairs? Three designers share their ideas and tricks of the trade.

Concrete & Glass: Marvelous Multi-Level Mansion


In the lovely green Mediterranean setting of El Sauzal, Santa Cruz de Tenerife in the Canary Islands, the G House from architect Esaú Acosta nestles into a cozy spot between the mountains and the sea.The G House was built on a small 6.5 meter wide plot of land in an area where there are no legal limits on the size and shape of homes – meaning that it had to be squeezed in between existing irregular plots.interior-courtyard-468x317 rooftop-green-space-468x585 entrance-courtyard-468x462 first-floor-g-house-468x267However, the lack of horizontal space wasn’t a hindrance to the architect. He simply built down a bit, then very carefully arranged each element of the home to provide maximum space and maximum privacy. Three stacked volumes of different lengths hold – from the ground up – the entrance courtyard/garage, living/dining areas, and sleeping quarters.

g-house-canary-islands-468x312stacked-volumes-468x736 stairway-468x350 stairway-leading-to-interior-courtyard-468x351

How to Hide the Toilet

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 1.59.17 PMIf you don’t want your toilet to be the main feature of your bathroom, here’s how to let it take a backseat in your bath’s decor

What is the one item that no one wants to be the star attraction in the bathroom? Yes, you guessed it — the toilet! Camouflaging a toilet in a bathroom is surprisingly easy. If you have the space for the toilet to be separate, then it is very easy; however, most of us do not have the luxury of an abundance of space. This is when the trick of distraction comes in handy.

But just how do we employ the art of distraction to our advantage? Put simply, it’s all about clever design. Installing an interesting bath, vanity, feature wall or shower, or championing an outside view, can help make the toilet practically disappear from the foreground. It will still be there — but won’t be what you remember when you depart from the space. Let’s take a closer look.