Dream Spaces: Spa-Worthy Showers to Refresh the Senses

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 8.12.10 AMIn these fantasy baths, open designs let in natural light and views, and intriguing materials create drama

The term “shower stall” often conjures a utilitarian, single-person spot meant for one thing: getting clean. These fantastic showers are a different animal — in many of them, solid walls and opaque barriers have been largely banished to let in light and views, making an everyday wash an exhilarating experience. Take a look at 14 examples that challenge the bathtub’s title as the ultimate place for a relaxing soak.

11 Pretty Sweet Decorating Ideas Using Pastels

Screen Shot 2014-11-14 at 10.54.47 AMGo ahead, be a softie. When you use powdery shades right, they go beyond child’s play into the realm of chic

Pastels often get a bad rap for being too sugary sweet, frivolous or girly. But don’t be too quick to fall into this mind-set and immediately pass over pastel shades when choosing which hues to incorporate into your home. The secret to making soft, chalky colors work is to balance them with cool whites, moody black, gray and other neutral tones. Introducing clean, contemporary lines and modern design elements as well as raw, sleek or edgy materials will also cut through the cuteness and ensure that your design looks fresh, grown-up and chic, rather than childish or overly feminine.

Whether you’re a longtime lover of pastels or a newfound fan of the versatile pale palette, the spaces below will provide plenty of design inspiration and show how soft, muted shades can be woven into your home’s decorating scheme with great success.

The 10 most expensive homes [infographic]

Right now, you could be sitting out there contemplating mundane housing concerns like that ugly tile on the kitchen floor, how a playroom would make your life so much more peaceful or doing an expensive furnace fix before another polar vortex hits, so we’d like to offer you a virtual escape from it all with this infographic from CompareCamp featuring people who care more about how many indoor swimming pools are necessary to entertain 1000 people and how hard it is to find good help in the modern age.


Luxury Mountain Chalet Offers Striking Panoramic Views in Whistler, Canada

design-modern-residenceLakecrest Residence is an imposing mountain chalet in Whistler, Canada perched atop a rocky cliff in a lakeside neighborhood of Whistler, Canada. As you probably guessed, this is one of those homes that takes in its vibrant natural landscape. The creative team at a|k|a Architecture + Design left nothing to chance: large glass windows, Brazilian cherry wide plank hardwood floors, maple millwork and native sandstone are brought together in a captivating palette of materials and finishes. All these properly “reflect” the majestic environment.
modern-residence-21 modern-residence-7 modern-residence-8 modern-residence-9 modern-residence-10 modern-residence-11 modern-residence-12 modern-residence-13 modern-residence-14 modern-residence-15 modern-residence-16 modern-residence-17 modern-residence-18 modern-residence-19 modern-residence-20 architecture-modern-residence exterior-modern-house1 modern-residence-4 modern-residence-5


Epic Los Angeles Pad

This home in Los Angeles is worth $13 million and with stunning views of the city and the Pacific Ocean. a_luxury_bachelor_pad_fit_for_a_king_640_14 a_luxury_bachelor_pad_fit_for_a_king_640_15 a_luxury_bachelor_pad_fit_for_a_king_640_16 a_luxury_bachelor_pad_fit_for_a_king_640_02 a_luxury_bachelor_pad_fit_for_a_king_640_09 a_luxury_bachelor_pad_fit_for_a_king_640_10 a_luxury_bachelor_pad_fit_for_a_king_640_11 a_luxury_bachelor_pad_fit_for_a_king_640_12 a_luxury_bachelor_pad_fit_for_a_king_640_13

15 Eye Catching Homes Made From Shipping Containers

Kalkin’s-Shipping-Container-Homes-1For the last 50 years people’s way of living had evolved, living these days mean a lot more that just having shelter, food and clothing. People want to live in a more diverse houses that suits their needs like a huge houses with luxurious style, or a house in a majestic place. But some people have their crazy and innovative idea and that is to live in a container. Yes! A shipping container, those used to transport large amounts of goods and are often stocked in sea ports. From a wide imagination and resourcefulness, shipping containers are transformed into cheap, reliable and one of a kind exquisite homes. Take a look at these 15 eye catching homes made from shipping containers.

Painted-Shipping-Containers-2 Painted-Shipping-Containers-3 Painted-Shipping-Containers-4 Painted-Shipping-Containers-6 Container-House-in-Mojave-Desert-8 Painted-Shipping-Containers-1 Redondo-Beach-home-1 Redondo-Beach-home-2 Redondo-Beach-home-3 Shipping-container-architecture-1 Shipping-container-architecture-2 Shipping-container-architecture-3 Shipping-container-architecture-4 Shipping-Container-Conversion-by-building-Lab-Inc-1 Shipping-Container-Conversion-by-building-Lab-Inc-2 Shipping-Container-Conversion-by-building-Lab-Inc-4 Shipping-Container-Conversion-by-building-Lab-Inc-5 Shipping-Container-Conversion-by-building-Lab-Inc-6 Shipping-Container-Conversion-by-building-Lab-Inc-7 Shipping-Container-Conversion-by-building-Lab-Inc-8 Shipping-Container-House-in-El-Tiemblo-1 Shipping-Container-House-in-El-Tiemblo-2 Shipping-Container-House-in-El-Tiemblo-3 Shipping-Container-House-in-El-Tiemblo-4 Shipping-Container-House-in-El-Tiemblo-5 Shipping-Container-House-in-El-Tiemblo-7 Spacious-Prefab-House-1 Spacious-Prefab-House-2 Spacious-Prefab-House-3 Container-House-in-Mojave-Desert-1 Container-House-in-Mojave-Desert-2 Container-House-in-Mojave-Desert-3 Container-House-in-Mojave-Desert-4 Container-House-in-Mojave-Desert-5 Container-House-in-Mojave-Desert-6 Container-House-in-Mojave-Desert-7 Coromandel-Beach-House-03-1-Kind-Design Coromandel-Beach-House-05-1-Kind-Design Coromandel-Beach-House-07-1-Kind-Design Coromandel-Beach-House-09-1-Kind-Design Coromandel-Beach-House-14-1-Kind-Design Maison-Container-by-Patrick-Partouche-1 Maison-Container-by-Patrick-Partouche-2 Maison-Container-by-Patrick-Partouche-4 Maison-Container-by-Patrick-Partouche-6 Maison-Container-by-Patrick-Partouche-7 Maison-Container-by-Patrick-Partouche-8 Maison-Container-by-Patrick-Partouche-9 New-Zealand-beach-1 New-Zealand-beach-2 Containers-of-Hope-3 Containers-of-Hope-7 Containers-of-Hope-9 Eco-Friendly-Crossbox-House-by-CG-Architectes-1 Eco-Friendly-Crossbox-House-by-CG-Architectes-2 Eco-Friendly-Crossbox-House-by-CG-Architectes-3 Eco-Friendly-Crossbox-House-by-CG-Architectes-4 first-shipping-container-home-in-Colorado-1 forsale forsale forsale Five-Shipping-Containers-Into-a-Cozy-Modern-Home-1 Five-Shipping-Containers-Into-a-Cozy-Modern-Home-2 Five-Shipping-Containers-Into-a-Cozy-Modern-Home-3 Five-Shipping-Containers-Into-a-Cozy-Modern-Home-4 Five-Shipping-Containers-Into-a-Cozy-Modern-Home-5 Five-Shipping-Containers-Into-a-Cozy-Modern-Home-6 Five-Shipping-Containers-Into-a-Cozy-Modern-Home-7 Five-Shipping-Containers-Into-a-Cozy-Modern-Home-8 Five-Shipping-Containers-Into-a-Cozy-Modern-Home-9 Five-Shipping-Containers-Into-a-Cozy-Modern-Home-10 Kalkin’s-Shipping-Container-Homes-1 Kalkin’s-Shipping-Container-Homes-2 Kalkin’s-Shipping-Container-Homes-3 Kalkin’s-Shipping-Container-Homes-4 Kalkin’s-Shipping-Container-Homes-5 Shipping-Container-Guest-House-2 Shipping-Container-Guest-House-3 Shipping-Container-Guest-House-4 Shipping-Container-Guest-House-5 Shipping-Container-Guest-House-7 Shipping-Container-Guest-House Containers-of-Hope-1 Containers-of-Hope-2 Containers-of-Hope-4 Containers-of-Hope-5 Containers-of-Hope-6


Ocean Home With A View


The Amchit Residence, designed by Blankpage Architects, is situated in Nahr el Mott, Lebanon, and has all the amenities you’d expect in a 6-star resort, including s citrus, olive and sea-salted palm trees as well as a minimalistic open design. Rooms are connected by outdoor bridges and the mid-level living room, along with kitchen, are graced by floor to ceiling glass windows, suspended lighting, and dark hardwood floors.


Eco-Friendly Ranch House: Hupomone Ranch

hupomone-ranch-tgh-architectsThis beautiful eco-friendly ranch was developed by Turnbull Griffin Haesloop Architects. Located on 160-acres in California’s Chileno Valley, the Hupomone Ranch is owned by a young family with three children that had the dream of building a barn house that would reflect their commitment to sustainable farming. The main house spreads over 2.498 square feet and the interior has a close connection with the outdoors, the stunning light-filled open living area and huge slide away windows open directly to the garden, inviting a healthy, happy and conscious family life.

hupomone-ranch-tgh-architects-7 hupomone-ranch-tgh-architects-8 hupomone-ranch-tgh-architects-10 hupomone-ranch-tgh-architects-11 hupomone-ranch-tgh-architects-12 hupomone-ranch-tgh-architects-13 hupomone-ranch-tgh-architects-14 hupomone-ranch-tgh-architects-2 hupomone-ranch-tgh-architects-3 hupomone-ranch-tgh-architects-4 hupomone-ranch-tgh-architects-5 hupomone-ranch-tgh-architects-6 hupomone-ranch-tgh-architects-9

A House Built for the Long Term

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 11.18.39 AMThe designers of this one-of-a-kind home made the most of its challenging location to deliver enduring comfort and style

When you’re building a house you don’t plan to ever leave, it’s smart to incorporate maximum comfort and easy access into the design. The owners of this new Melbourne house wanted a warm, practical place in which to live that would look as good in the years to come as it did the minute they moved in. They hired BG Architecture to come up with a modern design that incorporated sustainable practices and materials, would accommodate their needs as they grew older and would also suit their live-in adult son and visiting grandchildren.