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Shape of Home: Creative Gabled Wall Cutouts

Shape of HomeThe elongated, gabled shape of a home in Kyoto is echoed within its own interior with a cutout motif appearing as doorways, windows and niches. Hazukashi House by Alts Design Office features a warm and cozy central gathering space clad in wood, extending the full height of the home, punctuated everywhere you look by the same repeating shape.
House Shape Cutout Motif 1

Gabled Cutout Motif 2

The result is a house that almost seems to be memorializing its own simple silhouette, paying tribute to an icon that we all instantly recognize as ‘home.’ The openings break up the large wooden wall in the dining area, allowing foot traffic and the transmission of natural light from one room to the next.

Gabled Cutout Motif 3

Gabled Cutout Motif 4

A timber-clad central stairway leads from this common area to the private rooms upstairs. Linear routes throughout the home lead from one of these gabled cut-outs directly into another, making the space seem to multiply as if with a trick of mirrors. How many can you count in a single room?

Gabled Cutout Motif 5

You’d never guess from the unassuming exterior, with its three stacked rectangular windows and lack of any other distinguishing features, at the complexity found inside.

16 Fairytale Houses

fairy_tale_houses_04 fairy_tale_houses_13 fairy_tale_houses_05 fairy_tale_houses_03 1135-thumb

Have you ever wanted to live in a hobbit house? What about a fairy tale castle or a gingerbread house. Well these 16 cottages below are just about the closest you could ever come to living in a fairy tale home.
In fact they might as well have been taken directly off the pages of a The Brothers Grimm book, they are so true to the magical realms they are created after. fairy_tale_houses_14 fairy_tale_houses_12 fairy_tale_houses_11 fairy_tale_houses_10 fairy_tale_houses_09 fairy_tale_houses_08 fairy_tale_houses_07 fairy_tale_houses_06 fairy_tale_houses_17 fairy_tale_houses_16 fairy_tale_houses_15

An Inside Look At Modern Home Heating Solutions


Standard Home VS. EnergySmart Home

What makes an energy efficient home more comfortable, more affordable and a better investment compared to a standard home?standard-home-vs-energysmart-home

10 Things to Discuss With Your Contractor Before Work Starts

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 7.39.13 AMHave a meeting a week before hammers and shovels fly to make sure everyone’s on the same page

the selections are made, the contract is signed, and you’re ready to start your construction project.

Not so fast! Before work begins, make sure you and your contractor are on the same page about how things will go. This often takes the form of a pre-construction meeting, which may be most useful when held at your home and at least one week ahead of construction — particularly if you have furniture or other belongings to move.

Here are a few of the most important things to cover at this meeting:

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What to Shop for in Cabinet Hardware and Millwork

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 7.35.47 AMLearn about finishing touches for kitchen and bath cabinets to pick the options that will work best for you

Once you’ve decided whether your cabinets will be painted or stain-grade, how the boxes and doors will be constructed, and what style of doors they’ll feature, there are still some final decisions that need to be made. The cabinets’ hardware and millwork will help determine how the units look and function — and will also have a big impact on the cost.


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House Zig-Zags to Fit Oddly-Shaped Footprint

Zig-Zag-HouseHow would you like it if someone took the tiny amount of free space between your home and the neighbors’ and crammed an absurdly-shaped structure into it, filling virtually every square inch? That might seem rude in many places, but in Japan, where residential plots are tiny and houses are built to the very edges to maximize the space, it’s not unusual to see neighborhoods where nobody really has a ‘yard’ at all. In this case, Kyoto-based architecture firm Alphaville came up with a very creative solution to an awkwardly shaped plot of land between existing homes.


Zig Zag House Japan 2

The zig-zagging ‘House Twisted’ features a narrow design that snakes between several traditional homes. You might think this would result in everybody staring awkwardly into each others’ windows, but the home was designed to place windows and doors only in spaces where they wouldn’t look directly onto neighboring residences.

Zig Zag house Japan 3

Three openings at the porch, kitchen and courtyard are oriented to face the interior at 45 degree angles to let in light without sacrificing privacy. Skylights flood the all-white interior with daylight. As narrow as the home appears from the outside, the interior has a surprisingly spacious feel thanks to a minimalist approach and high ceilings.

Zig Zag House Japan 4

The three main staggered shapes that make up the house leave just enough room for two outdoor spaces facing the windowless walls of the neighboring houses, resulting in a feeling of privacy and sanctuary despite the cramped conditions.

Read more: http://dornob.com/twisting-house-zig-zags-to-fit-oddly-shaped-footprint/#ixzz2xH4HHZYJ

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