Amazing Tricks To Recycle Old Things

green-recycle-imgWe can use creative and cool ways to reuse old stuff. We aren’t sure what you do with your old newspapers, bulbs, plastic and glass bottles and many other things? Here are some really cool and creative ideas of how to reuse them.


Basis of a cardboard roll of toilet paper can make a “box” for cables and ropes.

Turn your old credit card picks.

Create a curtain at the window of the old slides.

From the old light bulbs we can make unusual candles.

Turn your old case for the CD into a container for food.

Fill a box of toothpicks, and it will be a block of knives.

Turn your old frames of the paintings in the trays.

Use a bottle of ketchup for cooking pancakes.

Use paper clips to organize your cables.

Turn your old keys in the hooks.

Take a first aid kit from the old suitcase.

Seal marble stones holes in the fence.

Turn your old door coffee table.

Make a bulletin board from the old “organizer” for jewelry.

A conventional stickers can be used to collect dust and shavings when you drill anything.

Do not rush to throw away the card catalog – in fact it can be used as a bar.

Use the old Lego blocks as a key holder.

From old suitcases can be done bedside.

And from the old cups, bottles and bowls – lighting.

But these candies can be used as holders for the candles on the cake.

A paper clip can be used for holding keys and money.

The pipe with the valves in a hanger.

Old books can be made shelves.

The old CD-muffler can be convenient to store the cables and wires.

The old bike could find a second life as a stand in the bathroom.

Here’s a mini-fridge can be turned into a small TV-bedside table, where you can store all sorts of accessories.

Older flatware may well be the hooks.

Box out of wine can turn into a shoebox.

Hooks for the curtains in the shower can be used as hangers for bags in the cloakroom.

Turn your old suitcases in the folder.

Broken racket for tennis or badminton? It does not matter! From it you can make a mirror.

Use the corners for old frames as tiles.

Take out the old door frame for a mirror.

Take out of the holder for paper towel holder ribbons.

Use a frisbee to strengthen the plastic plates.

drum set instead of a Barrels


Papers from the cupcakes, you can use to not ice cream dripped on his hands.

From the container for shoes can be made case for sweets.

In the end, make a chair out of old water-skiing …

The table … from old books.

A box of beer can be converted into the holder for salt, pepper, sauces and napkins.

The original regiment … from the old chair.

Jewelry is always spread? Do not worry, you can arrange them in the old molds for baking.

In banks you can store salads.

Last, but not least…. my favorite!

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