8 ways to prepare for downsizing

dollhouseMoving to a smaller house makes a lot of sense after the kids have flown the coop or you’ve simply realized downsizing makes sense financially.

Though the idea might be a good one, putting the plan into action is where things can get hard, especially when it comes to letting a lot go in terms of possessions.

Chaya at Care2 has eight suggestions to clear the way toward a smaller dwelling that will hopefully ease some of the stress.

1. Measure twice, cut once. Before you do anything, measure the dimensions of your new house exactly. When you are approaching anything involving spacial arrangement, accurate measurements will be your absolute ally. If you are deciding what furniture to keep and what to give away, start by making an accurately scaled floor plan of your new home.

2. Go room by room. Looking at the process of downsizing to a new home can be so intimidating. Don’t look at it as a whole; go room by room.

3. Pack and move only what you need and love. Parting with possessions can be very difficult. If you need to hire an expert to help you to move, then do it. Compassionate cleanout companies exist to help people move with less stress and difficulty.

4. Go vertical. When it’s time to set up in your new house, plan to use as much vertical space as you can. That means installing book shelves, floating shelves, and utility shelves. You can store more than books on bookshelves, and if you have a large book collection, the books themselves can be arranged artfully in-lieu of wall art.

Full story at Care2.

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