5 tips to help you downsize

downsizing your homeThe pre-holiday rush is probably the last time you think about downsizing unless (a) you know how many presents your kids are getting, and it ain’t pretty, (b) you need to fit ten extra people in the house, or (c) you need a better excuse not to fit ten extra people in the house.

So, call it getting a head start on your New Year’s resolution list, and take a look at these five steps to downsizing provided by Erica Sofrina at Care2.

Incidentally, we’re going to throw in a tip to get you started: Take deep breaths.

Now, go.

Do the clutter test with everything you own….do I love it, is it useful, when was the last time I used it? If more than a year old, decide whether you are going to give it away or sell it. Be very thoughtful about what you save. Is everything you own worthy of a space in your home or office? Do you really want to spend time and money maintaining it and housing it?

Rent or borrow the things you only need periodically. There are companies and organizations you can join that allow you to rent the camping gear, tables and chairs for Thanksgiving dinner, fishing gear or skis you need every two years. Do we all really need the huge garages to house the things that we use infrequently? I borrow the tables and chairs for large parties from my neighbor whom I do favors for in exchange. This practice encourages us to get to know our neighbors and become a part of our community.

Full story at Care2.

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