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9 Productivity Mistakes

Are you craving your bed even though it’s barely 10 AM? It’s likely you’re committing these 9 mistakes that will definitely put a damper on your workday.

13 Alternatives to Plain Wood Floors in the Kitchen

Graphic patterns, surprising transitions and unexpected materials make these kitchen floors stand out

Wood flooring laid in a straight pattern can be a beautiful option for a kitchen and continues to be popular in photos we see uploaded to Houzz. But what if you want a kitchen floor that’s a bit more distinctive? The pros who created the following 13 kitchens demonstrate creative use of materials — including wood — to give these spaces a unique flavor. Which kitchen flooring would you like to see in your own home?

The Reasons So Many People Are Becoming Vegetarians

People are switching to vegetarian and vegan diets in increasing numbers around the world. Whether it’s concerns about climate change, worries about animal welfare, or an attempt to find a healthier diet, many people are moving away from meat-based diets. Here are some important statistics about vegetarianism that you might not have heard of.

How Much Would It Cost To Be Santa?

9 Ways To Create The Perfect Home Office

Are you more productive from an office or from your own home? This has been an ongoing debate for some time. Still, there’s something to be said about working from your home.

Not Ready to Remodel Your Bathroom? Try a Mini Makeover

You can make your room a more pleasing space with a simple spruce-up or a moderate refresh

When walking through staged or model homes, I love to see a clean, beautifully styled bathroom — it makes me feel relaxed, as if I were at the spa. But as a professional organizer, I see a lot of real homes, making me well aware that most of us don’t have bathrooms that look like those in the model homes. And that’s just fine.

For many people, a bathroom remodel may not be in the works just yet. But that doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do to improve upon a space that feels unattractive or even chaotic. Whether your budget is big or pretty tiny, there are simple ways to make your space more beautiful and restful. Here are ideas for two mini bathroom makeovers — no remodel required.

Why Multiple Screens Are The Key To Productivity

It takes the average person about 1.5 seconds to change documents already opened in their computers. While this doesn’t sound like much, at the end of the weeks you would have spent lots of hours just switching between one document and another. Now, what if you didn’t have to switch at all? What if all documents were open and on sight at the same time?

Millennials Are on the Move as First-Time Homebuyers

More Slow Practice