15 Ways to Enhance Your Cabinets With Grilles

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 8.22.59 AMIt looks decorative, but metal mesh on cabinet doors has a practical side too

For those who love the idea of clear glass cabinet doors but don’t think their china, books and objects are ready for their close-ups, a grille can be the answer. The metal mesh material allows for peeks through cabinet doors, which adds depth and interest. At the same time, the metal unites the objects behind it, providing a cohesive look for disparate or not-so-sexy objects, such as herbs in plastic bottles. This easy-to-install element is also an architectural detail that picks up on other finishes in the room and can add a pattern, from a simple grid to elaborate Moroccan geometries. Here are 15 ways to use interesting grilles all over the house.

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