Unusual Bedroom Design Ideas

Want to wake to an unusual surrounding? Get creative with your bedroom design. There are plenty of design solutions and ideas including budget-wise ones that will make it for you. Before immersing into creative designing process think about an unusual location for a bedroom in the house. Maybe you’d like a bedroom in the attic where no one goes, sunny or shady side of the house, and interesting window in the room. This location will add to or take from the mood and atmosphere you would like to create in your bedroom.


Think Unusual Bed/Furniture

While you could save a bit on making an unusual design in terms of color scheme you could also invest in a creative bed to strengthen the effect of an unusual atmosphere. Since the bed is a focal point (or one of the focus points) of the room you will easily achieve unusual design by putting a bold bed in sight.

If bed is too much or too expensive you can rather opt for unusual chairs, cabinets, side tables, or shelves. The furniture should match and contrast the color scheme and add to the mood of the room.

Creative Rugs/Accessories

Creative rugs and accessories like floor vases, wall decorations, lighting, and bed linens can make a great impact to a conventional bedroom. Choose a bold rug that complements and intensifies or contrasts your color scheme. You can match prints and patterns in rugs and upholstery as well as curtains and wall coverings.

Unusual Color Scheme

Unusual color scheme can make it work but it should really be quite interesting. It is the most budget-wise design idea for an unusual bedroom. Just make sure to mix and contrast textures, use patterns, and pay attention to details that strengthen the effect of a color scheme.

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