Online shelter magazines are gaining readers

Some traditional shelter magazines (Better Homes and Gardens, Architectural Digest, Martha Stewart Living, and others) have survived the ups and downs of readership, but others have shut down their printing presses. In the last several years, periodic publications with a focus on interior design, architecture, gardening, or home furnishings are thriving over the internet.

Take Domino, for example. This shelter magazine folded in 2009, and Michelle Adams, a 24-year-old assistant at the time, has gone on to become editor in chief of Lonny, which she co-founded. According to real estate blog Curbed, Adams is the ‘grande doyenne,’ or the great lady, of the online shelter field, because a lot of people are trying to follow her path.

Do online publications get significant readership? According to information provided by the magazines, it appears that younger, fashion-conscious women are reading in large numbers. Jenn Newman is a 34-year-old artist from Brooklyn and a devoted fan of Lonny. She says that the magazine’s approach ‘takes the snobbery out of design’ and offers a ton of ‘eye candy.’

Up there among the high-profile Lonny are Rue and High Gloss. But really, there’s something for everyone. And many of the traditional favorites offer online versions of their printed publications.