Acoustic Decor: Modular Interactive Music-Making Furniture


From chairs and benches to chests and tables, these modestly elegant objects are crafted with a subtle secondary purpose – each one can be tapped, slapped, pounded or hit to create a series of carefully-planned sounds.

Tor Clausen makes his interactive musical furniture out of his warehouse studio in nearby Olympia, Washington. You have got to see his work at

He shapes everything from simple instruments to complex objects that have appeared in childhood learning centers, science museums, parks and homes around the country since he started adding acoustics to his craft two decades ago.

In his Rumba series of low-height tables, modulated music issues forth from different panels that can be rearranged as desired.

Each is distinguishable via different woods used and sounds made, including low, medium and high bong, shaker, chimes, bells, drums and cymbals created using combinations of carved wood and shaped metal.