Wonderful Wood Countertops for Kitchen and Bath

wood_sinkDo you think wood counters in the bathroom or kitchen and kids don’t mix? Well, it ain’t necessarily so. I decided to do some research on what people with wood countertops really think about their care and maintenance. I went to several discussion threads on multiple websites and read through all the comments. Of the people who have had wood countertops in a kitchen or bathroom, around 90 percent of the comments I read were positive, and many of those commenters have kids of every age. It was surprising, given how many folks are afraid to put wood in a kitchen or bath. In reading through all of these people’s comments on their personal experiences I found two common things that contributed to success or failure:

The kind of sealer used

The type of wood and the quality of construction

Wood is such a beautiful material and adds such visual warmth. If you are longing to incorporate wood into your kitchen or bath, but fears about care and maintenance are keeping you from it, there just may be a solution for you in here.

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