What to do With Your Broken Appliance: Repair or Replace?

If you’ve ever owned a house, you’ve surely learned how costly it is to replace appliances. The good news, if you have a broken appliance, is that you can probably repair the appliance yourself rather than having to go out and buy a completely new one.

Research has been done on the appliances that break the most frequently and what the most common problems are. From this research we found that washers, dishwashers, and ovens are the most likely appliances to break.

Based on which parts were needed most frequently, we were able to determine what the specific problems associated with each machine were and how easy they are to fix. To make this information easier to digest, we built an interactive, HTML 5 infographic:

We created this diagnostic infographic to troubleshoot some of the common problems that affect household appliances. Clicking on the pulsing dots shows each common issue and the parts required to correct the problem. Many people replace an entire appliance, which is neither cost-effective nor environmentally responsible. We displayed the average cost of replacing the appliance as well as the cost of the parts required to fix the problem (and a scale of the difficulty of the repair).
Source: PartSelect Appliance Parts

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