What is a short sale? [infographic]

You or someone your know, may be one of the nearly 23% of homeowners whose properties now are worth less than the underlying mortgage loan and you find yourself in a situation where you have to move (a new job, perhaps, or because you can no longer afford the payments on this house and are hoping to downsize), the only way to sell your house successfully is either pay the bank the difference between the sales price and your mortgage balance out of your own pocket… or convince the lender to accept less cash than you actually owe.

While a short sale may make sense for some, the pros and cons should be weighed carefully before you get the ball rolling. In this infographic, we walk you through the basics of short sales, who should consider one and the typical steps in the process.


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If you are someone you care about is wondering about the possibility of a short sale and if they are a candidate. Please call or email Emmanuel@EmmanuelFonte.com

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