This is part of a report from an International study done by Luxury Portfolio, a subsidiary of Leading Real Estate Companies of the World.

Personal wealth has grown substantially all over the world since the offi cial end of the recession in 2010. The latest statistics from the wealth monitoring at Credit Suisse suggest a rapid growth not only of the wealthy, but also the ultra-wealthy. Consider the statistics, below:

population-doublingThe ranks of the ultra-wealthy, at $50 million or more in net worth, have also soared to new heights. Worldwide there are an estimated 123,838 individuals at this prestigious level, an increase of 53% in just fi ve years. What’s more, half of the world’s ultra-wealthy live in North America, which is adding to the count more than twice as fast as Asia-Pacifi c (58% versus 22% growth 2010–2015) and still faster than Europe (39% growth between 2010–2015). The concentration of wealth continues to remain in the West, despite the strong inroads made by Eastern economies. As more individuals enter into the world of wealth, we decided to take a closer look at the Global Top 1%, or in this case, those with a minimum of USD 3 million in assets (excluding primary residence).

Here’s a link to the entire study.


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