The First Rule of Home Staging: Less Is Always More

declutterEmbrace your inner minimalist when prepping your home for sale. Here’s a room-by-room guide

Declutter. Edit your space. Get organized. You’ve probably heard all sorts of classic advice like this for getting your home sale-ready. But it’s helpful to know the goal behind these tips.

By paring down and minimizing distracting elements in your home, you give potential buyers the ability to imagine themselves living inside it. A clutter-free environment allows the space, beauty and intrinsic value of your home to shine. Beautiful wood floor details might be concealed with too much furniture, or pleasant natural light might be obscured by heavy drapery. So edit your home by replacing and eliminating unnecessary, distracting and cumbersome items. Below,

we break down this less-is-more approach for each room.

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