8 Hot Gadgets for Your High-Tech Home

Nest Thermostat

Home thermostat that learns your behavior and adjusts itself accordingly. The Nest Thermostat has been called the “iPod of thermostats,” because it was designed by the same man who helped design the iPod. That means it also has the same elegant design and easy user interface we’ve come to know. It has a round shape with colors that are designed to blend into whatever color wall you install it on.

The thermostat is intended to save you energy and money by automatically learning your patterns and behavior and adjusting itself accordingly. For instance, if you regularly come downstairs at 8 a.m. every day and set the temp to 70 degrees, it stores and learns that info. Then, using motion sensor technology, if it doesn’t sense your presence every morning, it will figure out you’re away and will adjust the temp to save on energy.

Nespresso Maestria

The Nespresso Maestria is a single-serve coffee machine that uses a high-pressure pump and Thermoblock heating element to deliver a perfect cup of coffee each time you use it. Barista wannabes will enjoy the professional-style steam wand that lets you control the temperature and frothiness of the steamed milk in your cappuccino. The Maestria will automatically test the water and adjust it for hard or soft, and will shut itself off after a certain period of inactivity.

Roku 2

An incredibly simple way to stream video to your TV. The Roku 2 is one of the easiest ways to stream media to your television. It’s a tiny box that connects to your home’s Wi-Fi, letting you watch both free and paid (subscription) content, ranging from Netflix to Hulu to news and tech TV channels. The remotes that come with the Roku 2 feature bluetooth, something that previous models were lacking.

iRobot Roomba 790

This vacuum has a wireless command center that schedules cleanings and allows users to control the device from anywhere in the house. This is one high-priced vacuum, but oh, the things it can do! Using a touchscreen remote, you can steer your Roomba to any spot in the house. The remote is called a Wireless Command Center, but works much like an RC toy, meaning it might make cleaning fun for the videogame set. You can also use the Command Center to schedule cleaning for when you’re not home, or on a different floor of your home. Roomba can handle most any job; it has a three-stage cleaning process to vacuum carpets, hardwood, tile and linoleum floors, and it will automatically adjust to the different floor surfaces. Unlike you, who may be easily distracted, Roomba will thoroughly clean each room in the home before moving on to the next.

Sonos Play:3

Powerful all-in-one wireless speaker for the home. The Sonos Play: 3 is a smaller, less expensive version of Sonos’ Play: 5 wireless speaker system, which makes it a great fit for the home. Sonos speakers stream your music library throughout your house using a wireless Internet connection, meaning you can control the music from one room, via an iOS or Android app, while sending it to a different room in the house.

The Sonos speaker can also connect with iOS devices, mobile phones, music players, Android phones and tablets. The Play: 3 come in black or white and has a sleek design that lets it fit in tight spaces. The Play: 3 is rocking three drivers inside; two woofers and a tweeter, along with three digital amplifiers.

Belkin WeMo Switch

WeMo uses Wi-Fi to turn an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch into a remote control for household devices. WeMo makes home automation simple. The WeMo switch, used in conjunction with the free WeMo app, lets you control any appliance that plugs into an electrical outlet. It runs over your home’s Wi-Fi network and can be controlled with any iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. You can use your phone to start your coffee maker as you come down the stairs in the morning, or turn on the lights before you get home. The app will also let you schedule devices to go on and off at pre-set times.

RoomMates Augmented Reality Wall Decals

These wall decals feature special augmented reality technology. You’ve heard the saying, ‘if walls could talk?’ Well what happens when walls can play games and interact? It’s all possible with the introduction of Augmented Reality Wall Decals from RoomMates. They’re removable, reusable peel-and-stick wall decals your kids can play with. They can be removed without damaging the walls, and they can we wiped clean. Download the BoostAR app from the iTunes store or Google Play and then point your phone or tablet up to the wall decal. The device will unlock and display interactive features and videos or games. There are six AR-enabled Disney wall decals to choose from and more on the way.

Logitech Alert 750n Indoor Master System

Video security system with wide-angle night vision and remote viewing. With all the electronic goodies in your home, you’re going to want to keep a watchful eye on things 24/7. The Logitech Alert 750n Indoor Master System offers powerful wide-angle night vision and a free remote viewing account so you can check in from afar. Motion-triggered recording can be set up to send you notification via email or SMS if movement is sensed. If you do get an alert, you can use the Logitech Alert Web and Mobile Commander service to access all the controls, as if you were running on a home PC. Logitech Alert is easily expandable, so you can add cameras throughout your home, inside and out.

Source: Mashable

5 Ultra Geek Chic Items for Your Home

Let’s face it. Geek is the new chic. Or at least that’s what tech-focused, Star Wars loving, graphic novel reading, Syfy watching folks would want all of you to believe. Ok, it’s what I want to. You have to admit that geekdom has taken over pop culture lately with super hero movies becoming critically acclaimed entertainment and ComicCon somehow entering the mainstream.

What about at home? Xbox is no longer for gamers as it is used more for entertainment than gaming. Phones, tablets and apps can control our heat, A/C and even security systems. But today we wanted to take a look at some ultra geek chic items for your home that you won’t find in just any home.


Hmmm, what’s the one thing your morning is missing? How about a coffee pot that starts brewing when you send a tweet. Yes, that’s what my home has needed for quite some time. Come to think of it, it’s probably easier to hack your coffee pot to work through Twitter than it is to figure out how to set the auto-brew timer. For those who have yet to discover the wonder of Keurig, check out the video above on Tweet-a-pot.


Tetris Cushions

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Tetris Cushions

I discovered these on Etsy.com from the Star Gallery shop while perusing the site for a mother’s day gift. At $279 for the set, you will truly have to be a committed game boy (pun intended) to have these on your couch at home. Is it just me or did you always hate that square piece? Never fits anywhere…(Image courtesy of Star Gallery on Etsy)

The Burritob0t

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The Burritob0t

I’m pre-ordering this today. This magical device has been built to construct the perfect burrito. Using proven scientific and chemistry tactics, the burrito bot will layer on just the right amount of flavor to create the ultimate burrito. Burritobot is also expected to come with an iPhone app that allows you to adjust they layers of goodness on your burrito to meet your specifications including levels of guacamole, salsa, sour cream, etc. No price has been determined for this yet, but can you really put a price on burrito goodness? (Image courtesy of y marko.manriquez)

Samsung Smart Window

What this product does is basically project an interactive, touch-based interface onto any window and allow you to make Minority Report-esque movements on the screen to serve up tweets, videos, weather and more.

The smart window is a one way display so while you see this virtual interface, others looking in won’t see it. No word yet on pricing or when it would officially roll out to the public, but I’ll be chomping at the bit to find out more details. Check out this video demo above.

R2D2 Entertainment Center

Move over Luke Skywalker. R2D2 can live in your home and become the sickest TV projector in the galaxy. With plugins for gaming consoles, Blu Ray players, iPod, satellite and cable, this R2D2 entertainment center can project a 260″ size screen onto any wall or ceiling. I’m not sure if it can be used to hack into the Death Star, but any home with this in it is quite possibly the king of the geek chic. Sadly, this projector made by Nikko is no longer in production so you’ll have to resort to finding one on eBay.