Holy Creativity, Batman!: Comic Strip Decor for Real Life

Comic_book_decoratingI have known people who are Sunday comics fanatics. Not a Sunday goes by for these folks without the morning ritual of coffee, comic strips and crossword puzzles. It’s a routine that many people have enjoyed for years.

It’s no surprise that this cherished pastime of reading the comics has morphed into interior design inspiration. Comic strip–inspired art, fabrics and murals are great for kids’ rooms, game rooms or any room that wants a kitchy twist. If you are looking for some quirky design ideas for your space, consider these examples.

75 Easy Spruce-Ups Under $75

Living area with a wallpapered alcove

1. Wallpaper an Alcove

Highlight an alcove by wallpapering the back wall.
Similar to shown: Fern Damask prepasted wallpaper, $44 for a 60-square-foot roll; yorkwall.com

Window herb garden

2. Create an In-Window Kitchen Herb Garden

Screw 1×4 wood cleats to the side jambs and insert tempered glass shelves. Two 3-inch-deep shelves for a standard 30-inch double-hung, $64;dullesglassandmirror.com

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Before & After Paint: 22 Home Furniture & Interior Photos

A little painting can go a long way toward transforming the look and feel of a space, so before you change the wallpaper or toss out your old furniture, consider some before-and-after project examples that show how a change in color can liven up a dull space or dampen an overly dramatic one.

ApartmentTherapy covers such projects regularly, but individually they are not quite as interesting – after all, a blue, red and white chair may just not be your thing. Taken together, though, they show just how much you can alter character and mood with a change in tone or brightness.

Bland bathrooms are just plain (and) uncomfortable – and too much white (or pastel) can kill an entry or living space. Highlights on the backs of wall bookshelves or free-standing bookcases can also help add dimension to a space by providing creative contrast.