Grand piano design strikes a modern chord

PH_Grand_Side-668-450-450-80The PH Grand by Poul Henningsen

Though the design of this grand piano is more than eighty years old, in an industry where classics are king, something so radically different might strike just the right chord for a modern musician.

According to manufacturer Blüthner’s website:

Poul Henningsen introduced his futuristic design in 1931. At that time, it was a total departure from the common perception of aesthetic piano design, and remains an outlier in the world of design cabinets to this day. True to the design ideal, “Form follows function”, the transparent lid and desk lend an extraordinary and delicate visual impression while allowing the player to see his entire ensemble, wherever they might be placed.







While the pianist’s eye might be on the ensemble, the audience would have a tough time focusing on anything but this beauty of an instrument.

Be inspired by German quality and a Scandinavian design icon.

Width: 145 cm, length: 187 cm  Leather banding available in a variety of colors.

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