Coffee: The Bitter Truth

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17 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Morning Coffee [infographic]

Emmanuel Fonte

I take my daily coffee rituals very seriously. And, compared to a few of my co-workers, I am only a moderate addict. We have convinced ourselves that we need (yes, need) coffee to wake us up in the morning, to make the tedious tasks a little more bearable, and to deliver us safely past the after-lunch lull. “Caffeinated” not only describes beverages, but it also fairly describes us after a rough day at work. I’m not judging you, coffee addict, I am bonding with you.

If any of these scenarios could be taken out of your super-secret diary, take a look at the infographic below for some fun facts about everyone’s favorite legal addiction. (And if you scoff in my general direction, preferring tea or diet coke, check out the infographic anyway for some fun dinner party trivia.) Did you know, for example, that coffee is one of the highest traded commodities, second only to oil? Or that coffee addiction was viewed as a vice in the 1700s?

Which Professions Need Coffee the Most

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A brief guide to coffee drinks [video]

By the time my daughter was 10, she could order a coffee with every box checked…