New WA State Law: Carbon Monoxide Alarms Required To Sell Owner-Occupied Homes

41HBD0VB2aL._SL500_AA300_A new law regarding carbon monoxide alarms in Washington homes has created many questions about which real estate transactions it affects.  Here’s what you need to know about the requirements:

As of April 1, 2012, sellers of owner occupied single family homes, condos and mobile homes must install carbon monoxide alarms prior to closing.

  • Listing agent needs to let the seller know, at the time of listing, that they will be required to install carbon monoxide alarms.

  • Appraisers will be looking for the alarms and expecting them to be installed before closing.  To eliminate transactional challenges, this is best done prior to the appraisal.  

  • Bank Owned properties will not have to comply as the property is vacant.

  • Short Sale Sellers that are occupying the home will have to install the alarms.

  • The sale of homes built after January 1, 2011 should not be affected as they should already have the alarms installed.  Building code has required them since that date.