Feast your eyes on the Dark Knight home theater

batman-theaterRecent events may leave you a bit hesitant about joining the crowds at the multiplex, and while some of us will just sit and wait for films to be available via Redbox or Netflix, others will be building their own Dark Knight theater.

This $2 million home theater is set to be completed by November of this year, so there won’t be any first runs of the final Dark Knight movie happening here, but every other new release enjoyed in this awe-inspiring home renovation project will definitely be an adventure.


According to Nandini Maheshwari at BornRich:

The highlights include 180” film screen with Batsuits on each side, besides the backlit life-size Batsuit standing across the room. There are a total of six Batsuits placed throughout the room. The other details include winged gargoyles, private cylindrical stainless steel elevator with glowing bat symbol, mock secret tunnel exit, bat computers, and race-car inspired home theater chairs to be in tune with the luxurious Batmobile vehicles. The Exit gate is designed to look like a secret tunnel approximately 30 feet long.

Did the real Batcave even cost that much?

For that kind of dough, we’d want Robin thrown in with the theater to bring us popcorn refills during the good parts.

Full story at Elite Home Theater Seating via BornRich.