Crisp, Clean Lines Define a Sophisticated Bathroom Suite

origami-storage-bathtubItalian company Stocco takes bathroom fixtures to a whole new level of style and sophistication with their Origami suite. The unusual suite of bathtubs and

sinks uses modern shapes and clean lines to create beautiful fixtures that will truly set a bathroom apart from any other.

While some of the objects in the Origami line are more decorative than others, all add a little something special to the bathroom landscape. Unexpected shelves, uplighted cutouts, or an elegant tub-side table space are surprisingly at home in these pieces, giving each its own unique personality.

The sinks of the Origami collection are nearly as original as the tubs. Freestanding, countertop or integrated designs are available, giving plenty of options for creating a totally unique bathroom interior.

Seamless Bathroom: Curved Fixtures Defy Corners & Edges

Keeping a bathroom clean can be difficult, to say the least. What if you had no edges to work with, though – and only curves, instead?

That is the driving design idea behind this series of standing and wall-mounted toilets, sinks and other bathroom fixtures from Art-Tic.

Each piece splays outward at its ends, creating the illusion of a continuous surface connecting with a concrete floor or smooth-finished wall.

Handles, shelves and faucets bend to the whim of the curvilinear theme. If it works as well in reality as it appears on paper, one could imagine simply spraying down the entire space as needed.

Unique Bathroom Decorating

Dreaming a beautiful and unique bathroom may is a thing that ordinary people do every day. It is not wrong, because who knows that dream will come true. The following are design results of dreams from the great architects, showing the incredible uniqueness.

And this is the style of a contemporary design in 2011, using antique furniture as well as have a harmony with the interior of the room. Colorful attached to walls, floors, ceiling greatly attracted the attention of the eye and adds to the pleasure of a relaxing time in the bathroom.

Wooden furniture decor that gives a touch of nature indoors, warm sun rays that enter through the window a beautiful designed in accord with the color of the room. Please enjoy the uniqueness bathroom decoration here, hopefully you got a lot of inspiration from this design.

A Total Bath Redo for $2,238

relaxing bathroom remodelSometimes it takes an addition to the family to kick a remodel into high gear. Such was the case for Lisa and Jim Steele of Syracuse, New York. The couple was “skeeved out” by the grim lone full bath left behind by previous owners, and they dealt with the eyesore by taking quick showers—never baths.

But with son Coby, now 3, on the way, they envisioned tub times full of toys for their little one. So, shopping sales and eBay for discounted fixtures, they began to create an inviting bath in their 1925 cottage, piece by piece.

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