Spicy Storage Solution Frees Up Stacks of Cupboard Space

spice jarsPeople who do more than a casual amount of cooking are bound to have cupboards full of spice jars. There are plenty of store-bought solutions for organizing and arranging those jars, but it seems that a vertical storage method is the most space-saving of all. This DIY version was created using a sheet of stainless steel, some canning jars with one-piece caps, epoxy glue and super-strong magnets – all for a little over $100.

The wall-mounted spice rack is perfect for holding the seemingly endless collection of spice bottles that build up so easily in the kitchen. The clear jars are stored on their sides so that you can easily see what’s stored inside each one. After you affix a simple label wherever you prefer, you have a reasonably well-organized spice storage system. The particularly fussy cook can even alphabetize the jars.

As with any DIY idea, the key is to make it yours. The jars don’t have to be the ones described in the instructions, and the sheet of steel can be swapped out for the side of your fridge if you like. One helpful tip that may be especially advisable to follow: spices keep longer when stored in a cool, dark environment, so the pantry would be the perfect place to hang this spice rack. Otherwise, nontransparent jars might be a better bet than the clear variety.

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