Smart Self-Adjusting Thermostat Learns Your Living Habits

Did you know that the average homeowner  turns on (or off) the heat, or cranks up (or down) the cold, 1500 times per year?

Of all the things we could automate and rarely do, temperatures seem too tempting a candidate to pass up. Hence the new Nest, a self-scheduling, temperature-regulating device every home should hope is in full production (currently in pre-order) for this (chilly) holiday season.

It starts, as usual, with manual inputs, but adapts to patterns naturally over time, learning when you are usually at home or away, night and day, and showing a green-leaf signal when it is in energy-saving mode.

Remote-controllable too, you can use your smartphone to tweak the temp while away from the house, and when you are around, well, it is a handsome piece of wall hardware as well.

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