Music Review: Nathan East – Reverence

Nathan East ReverenceOnce again, the world’s preeminent bassist, Nathan East has released a musical masterpiece.  The virtuosity demonstrated by Nathan is staggering: Fusion, Funk, Gospel, Jazz, Soul, R&B along with Orchestral, Pop and Rock are so authentic, it’s hard to believe this is a single human creating this amazing art. Nathan shows his respect for the styles and the creators of the classic tunes covered throughout Reverence.

On Earth, Wind & Fire’s “Love’s Holiday,” Philip Bailey shows up, with Nathan playing the lead role on bass during the verses. Playing homage on another EWF tune, “Serpentine Fire” Phil Collins’ drums and Eric Clapton’s guitar create an almost industrial sound with Bailey and Nathan singing vocals. To me, with its slightly modified tempo and groove, it’s almost a brand new tune.

Ruben Studdard joins the musical journey with a smooth rendition of “Why Not This Sunday,” bringing a whole lot of joy to the listener.

On “Shadow,” Chick Corea is showcased for a fusion-feel akin to the late 70s and early 80s Jazz Fusion bands. Think about that for a second… Nathan is as adept playing with Phil Collins as he is with Chick Corea!

Reverence is shown to Stevie Wonder along with saxophonist Kirk Whalum on the classic “Higher Ground,” funky and soulful all at the same time!

On his self-titled album back in 2014, Nathan was joined by his son Noah. The kid has serious musical chops. Apple… Tree…  He performs a musical and touching rendition of “Over the Rainbow,” with his prodigy, along with a symphonic orchestra. This young man (Noah) holds his own. This is not a condescending add to the playlist. This is serious music, done extraordinary well.

Yolanda Adams takes the lead vocal on one of my favorite tunes on the entire CD, “Feels Like Home.” Nathan plays homage to songwriter Randy Newman. The arrangement is breathtaking, and again, almost like a brand new tune. One you recognize, but yet seem like it’s the first time hearing it.

5 more stellar tunes round out the musical tapestry of Reverence. If you find yourself listening to this on repeat; you’ll hear something fresh on each audition. One of the best albums of 2016 by far!

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