Music Review: Jon Hamar “Here After”

Jon' s picsLast month was National Jazz Month – I went back to a disc I hadn’t listened to for a while. The composer/performer is a close personal friend as well as a recipient of the Golden Ear Awards "Best Emerging Artist!" I won’t pretend that I am completely objective.

On His album “Here After”, Jon is both in control and creative. Unlike most virtuosos, he’s not interested in showing you just how great he is (although he is!). He serves the music and keeps the band together. In my years of playing with him, he never once asked to solo, yet he shows just how lyrical he can be when given the floor. On “Theme for Frances”, you’ll been taken back to a time before drum machines, when musicians had to have an internal groove.

My suggestion—go to and take a listen. I’m confident you’ll want your own copy. It is music you’ll listen to multiple times and still find it revealing something new. Rumor has it that there is a new CD about to come out. Totally recommended!

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