Being Ready

You never get a second chance at a first impression

Most agents and buyers will generate their perception of a property within the first couple of minutes of seeing a home. For this reason it is critical that your property is “Market Ready”. This means that your home is priced competitively, that the yard and exterior are clean and neat, and the interior is presented to its best advantage.

Day One marketing is critical

  • As a property is entered into the MLS system, real estate professionals will receive announcements that a new property has come on the market. They will be looking for the features and characteristics that make a property appealing to their prospective buyers. We want their first impression to be that your home is an attractive candidate to their clients.
  • Consumers also, will receive automated alerts about new properties that have come on the market. They will also develop an instant perception of the home. We want them to be sufficiently intrigued with the property to request a personal showing.

First impressions can have a long term affect on your home. New buyers are also impacted by the initial perceptions of their real estate professionals.

  • As new buyers enter the market, they utilize the resources of a professional realtor as one of their primary sources of information.
  • Real estate professionals are more likely to show properties that have left a favorable impression. It is difficult to create excitement for property that was originally perceived as being “in poor condition” or “overpriced”, even if those conditions have been subsequently fixed.