Kitchen Recipes: Factory Cart Inspires a Dream Cooking Space

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 2.23.45 PMThese homeowners’ kitchen was almost nonexistent, so they whipped it up from scratch. See what they cook there and get the recipe too

Many creative types need a space: Artists have a studio, tinkerers have a workshop, actors have a stage. If you are a creator, then your surroundings are likely to be interesting. That’s why we reasoned that people who make masterpieces armed with a sharp chef’s knife (in other words, home cooks) are bound to have unique kitchens as well as tasty recipes. We asked them to share both.

One of the people who responded was Emily Danforth, an author in Providence, Rhode Island. She and her wife, Erica Edsell, bought a house in the Armory District of that city. Danforth says that over the years, original features had been removed in the 115-year-old Gothic revival home and it had fallen into severe disrepair. They set out to remodel the space, and the source of their inspiration was a large green factory cart.

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