How to Create a Mood With Tile

tileSet the tone for your space with tantalizing tile patterns and techniques

If you’ve ever thought about creating a mood in your space, you may immediately have turned to the idea of painting the walls. This is a popular and very easy way to set the mood, but building materials also can define your room’s style. Don’t get me wrong — I’m all for using paint colors to bring personality into a room, but if you’re looking for something different and your budget allows it, try tile.

These days, tile comes in so many styles and finishes, and the added plus is durability. With tile, you’re sure to find just what you are looking for.

eclectic kitchen by Kenny Grono

by Kenny Grono

New rustic. This backsplash tile marries a rustic pattern with modern colors. Along with stainless steel appliances, wood ceiling beams and soft colors on the cabinets and walls, the look is both new and rustic.

asian bathroom by Christine Suzuki, ASID, LEED AP

by Christine Suzuki, ASID, LEED AP

Outdoorsy. Natural stone tile always displays nature’s varying textures and tones of gray, taupe and brown. This look is a sure way to bring the outdoors in.

traditional bathroom by Brennan + Company Architects

by Brennan + Company Architects

Retro. Black and white hexagonal tiles create a classic look that dates back to before World War II. These tiles are seeing a resurgence, as many people are restoring older homes and want to preserve the original materials.

eclectic kitchen by Alex Amend Photography

by Alex Amend Photography

Country. Large, rectangular tiles instantly create a down-home feel, especially in the kitchen. This look makes me want to grab some flour and start baking a pie!

eclectic entry by Rachel Greathouse

by Rachel Greathouse

Spanish. Terra cotta floor tiles give a room an unmistakable Spanish feel. An added bonus: If you live in a warm climate, these tiles are famous for helping to keep homes cool.

mediterranean staircase by Carson Poetzl, Inc.

by Carson Poetzl, Inc.

Inspirational. Turn your stairwell into a space that motivates you with each step. Tiles that are printed with Bible verses and inspirational quotes can remind us to count our blessings.

contemporary bathroom by David Neiman Architects

by David Neiman Architects

Futuristic. Tiles with a digital pattern can bring a taste of technology and the future into our homes.

modern bathroom by Narofsky Architecture + ways2design

by Narofsky Architecture + ways2design

Watery. A wall of blue glass tile is the next best thing to actual water, and it’s a great way to bring a spa feel to your bathroom.

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