Fit for a Queen or King: 8 Magnificent Beds

So simple yet so central, a mattress platform provides a basis not just for sleeping in but also for styling an entire bedroom. This combination of beds and bedrooms shows just how powerful a single piece of furniture can be.

Mazzali is your typical Italian design-and-production company insofar as its focus is on sleek minimalist frames, headboards and mattresses, but the group also takes some more daring directions with select pieces (and photographed layouts).

Plug-and-play headboard additions, for instance, turn a bench-plus-daybed set into a sleep-worthy master bed as needed.

In other cases, the underlying frame is still a platform, but its simplicity is hidden behind a sensual curve up the side or underneath.

A frame and a canopy clearly go a long way – but so do color schemes: black and white warm when brown is added to the mix.

Finally, there is something to be said for a bare-bones bedroom set as well – a full or double may suffice where a king or queen cannot fit, or when a guest bed is all that is required.

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