Facebook makes everyone 4.74 degrees apart

connectionsFacebook has given us reason to celebrate: we’re all a little bit closer to Kevin Bacon. While playing a round of “4.74 Degrees of Kevin Bacon” doesn’t have quite the same ring to it, a new study claims everyone on Earth is separated by just 4.74 degrees.

Facebook conducted the study in partnership with the University of Milan, tracking the connections of its 721 million members. The researchers found that a person could be connected to a randomly selected individual through an average of 4.74 links. That number drops to 4.37 in the United States.

“When considering even the most distant Facebook user in the Siberian tundra or the Peruvian rain forest,” Facebook shared on its blog, “a friend of your friend probably knows a friend of their friend.”

Read the complete report on facebook here.

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