Facebook Cheat Sheet

Using the correct image dimensions can make or break your Facebook posts or ads. Facebook can distort or cut off highly-engaging images you’ve worked diligently to create.

While Facebook provides information on dimensions for each of it’s images, designers or marketers working in social media require an exhaustive “cheat sheet” which outlines all dimensions for Facebook’s images.

TechWyse created this Facebook image sizes cheatsheet to help marketers, designers and social media experts quickly access all the information they need regarding Facebook image sizes. This downloadable and printable infographic covers everything from posts, mobile ads, sponsored posts and more. Simply print and pin this infographic at your desk or office for quick reference to all of Facebook’s image dimensions.

The infographic also includes tips to ensure your posts perform well and engage users. For example, it’s important to know that if an image size is smaller than 470x246px, Facebook will automatically render it as a thumbnail. As well, Facebook will choose the center of your image if you neglect to upload the exact recommended dimensions. This can especially impact the success of an ad across desktop or mobile. Lastly, the infographic notes that Facebook will not approve promoted posts with more than 20% text.

As well, this infographic not only covers images that appear on the newsfeed but also along the right column, while also highlighting the space you’ll have for text above and below posts. For example, a sponsored post thumbnail in the right hand column is 254x133px.

Facebook is continuously updating it’s recommended dimensions, so it’s important to ensure you’re staying on top of the correct image sizes so that your posts and ad campaigns are engaging users or attracting customers.

Download, print or simply bookmark the below infographic to quickly and easily get the dimension information you need.


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