Expanding Kitchen Prep Surface Supports Big or Small Meals

Imagine a kitchen that stretches, recedes and contorts to your every whim. It gives you more surfaces when you need them and more floor space when you need that, and changing things around is as simple as scooting segments of the counter around.

The Accordion concept by Olga Kalugin could revolutionize the way we use our kitchens. It’s a food preparation surface that expands and contracts by simply pulling and pushing its segments. The spaces between the segments is occupied by wedge-shaped boxes, giving you plenty of room for all of the kitchen accouterments you need to make delicious meals…and keeping ingredients close at hand.

Covers fit over food drawers which are located on both ends of the surface. The covers can be turned over to act as preparation boards while the drawers below hold ingredients until they are needed.

The wedge-shaped drawers can be moved to either side of the surface, giving a distinctive curve in one direction or the other, or both if you so choose. The unique kitchen system exists only in the designer’s dreams right now, but it could easily become a staple in every busy kitchen.

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