How to Create a Symphony in Your Garden

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 2.28.06 PMTake your surroundings to another level by introducing the element of sound with ground covers, water features and wind catchers

Our gardens can be our best teachers. We learn about ourselves and our world from them. Our only prerequisite for this course is our ability to open our senses to the wealth of sights, aromas, textures and sounds that gently engulf us.

Even as I write this ideabook, sitting in my garden, I’m conscious of the sounds that surround me. With the squirrel rustling leaves on the forest floor, the cardinal singing high overhead, the owl vocalizing deep in the woodland background and the waterfall adding its syncopated cadence to the mix, my garden is alive with sound.

Let’s look at how to add another dimension to your garden by introducing the element of sound. You will enjoy your own private symphony when you stop long enough to listen.

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