Crafty Cantilever: Shingled Beach Home With Loft On Stilts

Styled a little like a wood-shingled cottage or chalet, the detailing of this domicile is not particularly bold – where it ceases to be modest is in the way it reaches for the sky.

This lofted second-story bedroom is, in fact, an addition by Roger Marvel Architects, as are a series of trellises, a poo. and a jacuzzi below.

While some situations – such as public buildings – call for honesty with respect to old and new, a different tactic is taken here: or rather, the difference is at least more subtle such that the entire result remains relatively unpretentious.

By a similar token, the new guest house has a overhanging wood roof and shingled sides, but is cut by an odd-angled piece of glass that makes it clear (no pun intended) this space is not part of the original design.

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