Concrete Wallpapers: Dull Walls or Decorative Finishes?

There is a new option for resurfacing your interiors, a growing range of … fake concrete? Whether ‘concrete wallpaper’ becomes cool or kitsch, only time (and perhaps copious graffiti) will tell.

To be fair, it looks fairly neat in pictures – weathered walls with telltale spaced-and-capped steel rod holes aligned at regular intervals, or faux-block sets that look to be covered in color by subversive street artists.

In fact, if the Concrete Wall-paper company were wise they might try to market these more as blank slates rather than finished products – surfaces you can put up and then draw on, since just about anything might make the bare concrete look less boring.

It would be overly simple to say that these come in a ‘variety of colors’ – more accurate might be: they are available in a series of shades, ranging from light to dark gray, and with different kinds of seams and rain-stained patterns.

Some look more like patio floors while other resemble non-decorative industrial countertops. As a stage prop these would make a great overlay, but whether you want them bubbling and pealing at home is another question, depending on both the design and durability of each individual wallpaper product. (Other designs via Burkedecor &Betontapete)

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